Magic Bean Review

Welcome to Magic Bean Review!

My name is Jean, and I am slightly addicted to Japan, drawing and reading. It’s taken me a while to come to the decision to start this blog – I hope to review mainly books, and sometimes makeup in this little blog. I hope to enlighten people on books they may not have heard of, or to give them information on a book they want to find out more about. I hope to be able to help people with the information I will be posting about!

Be aware –  even though I have followed countless book blogs for a while, I am still new at this! ^^



2 responses to “Magic Bean Review

  1. I’m new to your blog but I love Japan too! Your header is really cute – is it a photo from a momaji doll?

    • Yep, Japan is awesome! 😀 Thank you very much! It isn’t a momiji doll, no, but it’s sort of the same kind of thing. There is not mark of who made it on it though, which is a tad annoying 😦

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