Beads, Boys and Bangles by Sophia Bennett

Title: Beads, Boys and Bangles
Author: Sophia Bennett
Published: 2010
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304 (excluding about author, title page, etc.)
RRP: £6.99

Rating: 12+

Beads, Boys and Bangles is the follow-up novel to Threads, and it is just as awesome as the first! Crow has been offered the chance for another collection for Miss Teen, Nonie has possibly caught the attention of a cute Rob Pattinson look-a-like, Jenny is busy rehearsing for a new play, but disaster strikes when Edie is virtually attacked by a group of people, saying that Crow’s original Miss Teen collection was made by slave children in India!

I think this book is a great follow-up to the last. The characters were developed even further and you began to learn more about their personalities than in the first one. Nonie was a great narrator, again, but I felt that her outfits she wore weren’t so obvious as the last book, only a few times she described what she was wearing.

The plot was really interesting and there were several twists I wasn’t expecting in the book. This made it more realistic, I thought.

This book didn’t focus as much on their home lives/school as it did on Crow’s designer life and the effects of her becoming a designer. However, I still think it was a great read.

Rating = 5 Stars

This book continues the lovely fairytale of the last, and I really wish that this could happen to me! I really can’t wait for the third book to come out!




One response to “Beads, Boys and Bangles by Sophia Bennett

  1. I’ve been searching in google for some new ideas and accidentally found your website.
    You truly can write and teach and inspire. Keep writing – I’ll keep reading.

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