The Moonstone Legacy by Diana de Gunzburg & Tony Wild

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Title: The Moonstone Legacy

Authors: Diana de Gunzburg and Tony Wild

Published: May 2010

Format: Paperback

Pages: 299 (excluding about author, title page, etc.)

RRP: £8.99

Rating: 10+

What will be the next adventure of the Moonstone? Who can tell?

Wilkie Collins 1868

In a sacred cave high in the mountains of northern India, a white-haired hermit sits cross-legged, and signs his final testament: “George Abercrombie, 1874…”

In present-day England, fourteen year old Lizzy Abercrombie’s mother dies in a tragic accident on the full moon. But was it really an accident? Lizzy discovers that her death may be linked to a mysterious family curse. Determined to find the truth, her quest takes her from a splendid Anglo-Indian mansion on the Yorkshire moors to India, where she uncovers her ancestor’s terrible past and a stolen inheritance. But her discoveries put her in mortal danger from a ruthless enemy.

Blood dripped from Lizzy’s hands into the snow. Her mother’s blood.

“Mum!” she cried, pleading, clutching her body close, willing her

not to die.

“Lizzy!” her mother whispered. Her eyes wide open in terror,

gazing at something …

Lizzy turned.

But there was nothing. Just the glimmering dome of Shalimar, the

frozen moors beyond and, hanging high in the ice-clear sky, the full


This was an enjoyable adventure story, which takes the reader on a quick-paced story set in England (Yorkshire) and India. The main character Lizzie was quite believable as a 14-year old who had lost her mother in a tragic accident, so lives with her father, Henry, in a house (Maya Lodge) on the grounds of a mansion aptly named Shalimar, in the Yorkshire moors. Shalimar is a large mansion which was modelled and built by George Abercrombie, an ancestor of Lizzie, after visiting India. In my opinion, I found it a bit hard to believe an Indian-style mansion in Yorkshire. Probably because I was imagining something like the Taj Mahal..

The characters were overall, quite well described. Josh, Lizzie’s friend, was well described as a character – I imagined him as a quite lanky, all over the place kind of boy. However, Lizzie’s aunt Lavinia was a bit of a ‘panto’ villainess. She wasn’t so easy to believe as she was pretty horrible. If perhaps she was incredibly cruel or a bit nicer, it would have been either more interesting or realistic. Her cousins, Samuel and Samantha (aka the “Sam’s”) were also pretty cliche and nasty so didn’t ring totally true as well.

The plot was good and followed the curse as it affects the Abercrombie family, with some good twists. The book’s plot did follow through with the blurb where she was on a quest. The book was interesting to read and kept me guessing and wanting to find out what happened next, if I am allowed to use some cliche phrases!

The descriptions of the settings (Yorkshire and India) are also very vivid and made it easy to visualise where the story took place. I am always incredibly pissed off when an adventure, such like the Moonstone Legacy, has no descriptions whatsoever, this makes me angry because it makes the book less realistic and not as good as others because I can’t imagine what is happening. However, the Moonstone Legacy was not one of those books. There were enough descriptions to keep me happy and able to imagine where we were. Funnily though, Shalimar still came to look like Taj Mahal to me. But oh well.

You do want to find out what happens to Lizzie and if she’ll escape the curse, and there is enough mystery to keep you hooked – like the mysterious Peregrine.

Rating = 4 Stars

Even though when I was first approached to read this book for a book tour, I saw the book cover and instantly thought of self published and not the best quality. However, I thought the quality of the writing was actually pretty good – I was quite surprised. It goes to show that you can never judge a book by its’ cover (cliche alert)! The mystery and adventure was well established, and teamed with the descriptions, it made the book bearable for me. The one downfall was that some of the characters were not that developed, and felt quite cliche and just not WHOW! to me.

Overall – it surprised me with it’s good writing and interesting ideas. When can I read more?

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