Interview with Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf

Amber, from The Mile Long Bookshelf, has been one of the book bloggers I have known for a long time. When she emailed me wanting to exchange questions for interviews, how could I say no? I love to find out more about people I am friends with online!
If you don’t know Amber..
Amber is an 11 year old girl who is home educated (she is going to high school this September, though!) She loves reading, writing, acting, singing, drawing…. and more!
Both me and Amber made up 5 questions each, and we answered all 10.
Heya Amber! Do you think reviewing books has influenced a new writing style for you?

Ummm….yeah I think so! Well, if not, it’s definitely widened my vocabulary. Some of the things I want to do when I’m older are either work in publishing, be a published author or be a journalist. So writing book reviews is definitely a good thing to do!

Has book reviewing helped you make any new author friends/blogger friends?

Loads! Authors and Bloggers. Ria, Zoe, Iffath, Sasha….YOU….and lots of author friends too.

Describe your blog in three words.

Hard question and very difficult for me to answer even though I’m the one who wrote this question haha! ….Varied, Cute and Fun!

What author would you most like to meet.

Why did I have to write such hard questions?! *sigh* Ummm probably either Luisa Plaja, Keris Stainton, Jacqueline Wilson or Cathy Cassidy (even though I’ve met her once already.)

How many books have you reviewed on your blog? Please link to your favourite one.

40! 🙂 My favourite? Probably….uhh….this one. It’s called Echoes of Love and it’s by Rosie Rushton. It’s a really moving, sad story with a bit of romance and mystery added to it! I love it. Actually, I think you’d like it too!

What are some of the main things (material things/emotional things) you have learned whilst you have been a book blogger?

Always give your honest opinion.  🙂

What are you aspiring to be when you are older?

Get ready for a long list! Okay. An……actress, a chef, an author, someone in publishing, a journalist, a TV presenter, someone in a band, an interior designer….yup, let’s just say I have a LOT of options…

Do you think reviewing books has made you think more about the actual book itself and the themes in it?

Definitely. I seem to notice more about the book now, as I’m reading it! That’s actually a good thing, because it means you’re taking in the actual story rather than just reading it and then forgetting about it.

What do you think would have happened if book blogging hadn’t taken off? (i.e. if there were no book blogging community etc.)

Good question! If book blogging hadn’t taken off, I don’t think as many people would enjoy reading books. And the Internet would be sooo boring without us! Hehe. I think it would just be really sad if there were no book blogs….because, it would seem like no one liked reading anymore.

What are your future aims and goals for your book blog?
I really want The Mile Long Bookshelf to get really well known. A place where everyone comes to read the latest book news. I mean, it’ll probably never get REALLY big, but a girl can dream….!

Thanks Amber! 🙂

Amber has a Big Brilliant Book Quiz happening over at her blog! Want to try? Click here to have a go!

To read my answers to the above questions, click here ^_^



2 responses to “Interview with Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf

  1. Fantastic interview, Amber! (And Jean!) LOL at finding your own question hard! I agree that the internet would be boring without your blogs… 🙂

  2. What exactly can it be about browsing things through someone else’s view point that presents such an incredible perspective? This and some other articles on your weblog here surely provide some food for thought. I found myself on here after doing some work related research on Google and somehow came across your weblog. Pleased that I decided to stick around and most definitely I’ll be sure to add this site to my Google reader so i can read the stuff you write in the future. Bye!

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