Interview with P.C. Cast on The Avenger

Only they can cross the boundaries of time; only they have the power to save humanity

The Avenger is part of a new series called Time Raiders – each book written by a different author. P.C. Cast has written The Avenger as part of Time Raiders for the Romance specialists, Mills & Boon, for their new paranormal range, Nocturne. The Avenger is based around Queen Boudicca and her two daughters – who in the House of Night series are the original ‘Dark Daughters,’ so the book ties in neatly with the House of Night series! And as a fan of HoN, I have found so far that The Avenger has, obviously, a similar writing style, but I find it interesting to find out more about Boudica!

Background to The Avenger

P.C. Cast came up with the idea for The Avenger while researching the history of Boudicca’s daughters for Marked: they are the original ‘Dark Daughters’ in her House of Night series.  History is unclear about what happened to Boudicca’s daughters after they died, so Cast decided they disappeared from human history because they were ‘Marked’ to begin the change that led them to be powerful vampire High Priestesses and to start the line of the ‘Dark Daughters’.

P.C. is thrilled to be published by Mills & Boon for the first time saying: Proving once again that Mills & Boon understands the heartbeat of discerning women readers, they’ve launched their sexy Nocturne imprint, full of paranormal adventure and smart romance, the books are a wild, hot ride!  Here’s hoping my UK fans have as much fun reading The Avenger as I had writing it!

Alexandra Patton is no ordinary woman. A military secret agent and reluctant psychic, Alex never had much luck in the love department.  Until, that is, the Time Raiders project sends her back to 60 AD Briton – a world where she can barely understand the accents, let alone its culture of brutality and superstition.

Arriving just as Queen Boudicca is rallying her army to battle, Alex must prove herself to Boudicca’s most trusted confidant, the savagely sexy Druid warrior Caradoc.  Disguised as a Goddess, Alex befriends Caradoc who teaches her how to harness her paranormal skills. Unlocking a part of her she never knew existed; Alex falls passionately in love for the first time in her life.


1) Did you have to research more about Britain in 60AD for the book, or is it knowledge you’ve got set in your brain?

Both.  I knew Boudicca’s basic story, but before I began writing I did my homework by researching.

2) If you hadn’t chosen to write about Queen Boudicca and ancient Britain, where (and who) would you have chosen instead?

I would probably have chosen to visit Cleopatra’s time.  She’s an intriguing character and ancient Egypt would be a great playground for fiction.

3) The fact that you are of Celtic descent intrigued me – can you tell me more about your ancestors?

Well, all I know for sure is that Bowman Cast left Wales in 1748 and came to America.  My father’s family is descended from him.  I’d love to know more about my Welsh ancestry and keep meaning to research it more thoroughly when I’m in the UK – but I tend to be busy with researching new books and never get to my own history!

4) What gave you the idea to make Alex a sort of Ghost Mediator?

I’m a big fan of the Ghost Whisperer TV show!

5) Do you think you will write more about/with this time period, or has this book sucked all that material for you dry?

One book couldn’t possibly use up all the stories waiting to come alive from Briton’s past!

Thanks, P.C.!

P.C. Cast is an award-winning and internationally bestselling paranormal romance author. She started out working for the United States Air Force at the age of 18. After six years she became a High School teacher, where she taught English for 15 years before giving up to write full time. She has one daughter Kirstin who she writes her teen House of Night series with. Cast divides her time between her home in Oklahoma and the Scottish Highlands where she lives with her partner Seroas, a fight scenedirector who has worked on the films Braveheart, HighlanderRob Roy, and Gladiator (where he was almost killed running through a wall of fire).  P.C. is currently planning to buy property in the Highlands which she looks on as her spiritual home.

I am nearly halfway through The Avenger – so expect a review coming up shortly!



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