The Legacy by Gemma Malley

Title: The Legacy
Author: Gemma Malley
Published: 6 September 2010
Format: Finished hardback
Pages: 272
RRP: £10.99
Rating: 12+

When a Pincent Pharma lorry is ambushed by the Underground, its contents come as a huge surprise – not drugs, but corpses in a horrible state. It appears Longevity isn’t working and the drugs promising eternal youth are failing to live up to their promises. A virus is sweeping the country, killing in its wake, and Longevity is powerless to fight it. When Richard Pincent of Pincent Pharma suggest that the Underground has released the virus, something has to be done to put the story straight and once and for all alert everyone to the truth.

This book adds further awesomeness to the already awesome series which Gemma Malley is known for. I was dying to get this book, and once I got it, I was thoroughly impressed.

Malley has managed to keep the essence of the first book, yet add more to it. It feels more developed, and you meet all the characters again, and regarding the children, Jude, Sheila, Peter and Anna, they all seem more mature and older, more full of knowledge. And that makes it really realistic.

That fact that the plot revolves around Longevity not working any more is also valid. I don’t believe that humans should live forever. It means no more children, and children.. I don’t know.. are just kind of essential, in my opinion. It keeps people happy, when there are.

There was enough action in this to keep you reading, with twists, twists and more twists. I also liked the plot. It kept with the same style as the other two, so it wasn’t original or new, but that was a reason why I liked the other books, so it was okay!

I love Malley’s writing, and her writing style and quality. It was the reason why I kept reading The Returners, and why I fell in love with the Declaration and The Resistance. It seems to further improve in this book, and it makes the whole adventure of reading the book that much better and more enjoyable because of it. I only hope that her next book has the great quality of it too!

Plot: 8/10
It always managed to keep you on your toes, so kudos to that.
Writing Quality: 10/10
The quality – superb. That’s really the only thing I can say!
Originality: 8/10
The idea of Longevity is original, but immortality isn’t as much. The rest of the plot is original though!
Characters: 9/10
The characters who are good, are really likeable, and the characters who are bad (Richard Pincent, etc.) are really bad. I love the characters in this, whatever age and maturity they are meant to be, they act like that. Sometimes I thought the teens were quite… not saying like all the time. But hey, it’s the 22nd century, they probably had evolved to speak better by then!
Descriptions: 7/10
Not as much descriptions in this book, but it assumed the same looks in my head as last time.

42/50 = 84%


Thank you very much to Bloomsbury for providing me with this copy!


3 responses to “The Legacy by Gemma Malley

  1. Great review! And your comment about 22nd century teen language made me laugh! 🙂

  2. I’ve been dying to read The Legacy! When The Resistance ended I was annoyed that I’d have to wait so long to read the next book. But I’m more intrigued now and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully I’ll be able to read this soon :P.

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