National Non-Fiction Day: Non-fiction books I love

National Non-Fiction Day

Non fiction books I love

I love all things to do with skin care, beauty, fashion design, fashion illustration, and books on how to do those things. This means that the majority of the non-fiction books I really like are those things!

Let’s begin:

  1. Think Pink by Lisa Clark

I love this book. It is just one of those books which contains a wealth of information, and it is perfect for teens. If you have never heard of this book, then you are in for a treat. Lisa Clark is an awesome person, and when I met her in person, she really seems to use Think Pink to her advantage too.

I think it is a teen bible to all things self esteem. It’s a wonderful book. The pictures are lovely, the pages feel lovely, the writing is lovely….. I could go on!

Lisa Clark’s blog can be found here: Pink World

And, to make it even better, there is another bible by Lisa Clark called Beauty*licious! I have it as well, and it is full of really good advice on body image and looks.

  1. Be Beautiful: Every Girl’s Guide to Hair, Skin & Makeup

I received this from my Grandparents my last birthday, and before I had been stalking it on Amazon, so it was a perfect present! It has a lot of tips on beauty, going from skin care, makeup, hair, acne/spots, the lot! It has everything a teen could worry about in it. I thoroughly recommend it, as before I thought I was an expert on all things skin care, when I realised there was SO much more!

  1. Costume and Fashion: A Concise History by James Laver

I got this from my other Grandparents for my birthday, and this is really good for people who are interested in the history of fashion or need more information for projects and things like that. It is hard to read it through in one go, and is a book which you go back to, or look at bits and pieces. Nevertheless, it is a really good history of fashion, going from early times (Greeks, Romans etc.) to not-really-that-modern time times

  1. Sew! by Cath Kidston

I bought this when I had a spare £15 to spend. I adore Cath Kidston and I save up for the more expensive of her things, because I love the patterns and design of her products. I had never heard of her books before, so when I saw this in the shop I was so happy! I quite like learning properly how to make things, so I decided to get it.  The book comes with all the things you need to make the bag on the front cover. It is a relatively small bag, but I use it to carry my things to and from work. I have fabric ready to make other things from the book, as there is a huge number of things to make inside, useful to anyone who buys it, and I am wanting to make either a needle case or iPod case XD

Anyway, I managed to find a picture of the bag I made with it, so if you think it looks pretty awesome, go buy the book! (because I wouldn’t be able to make it on a whim, the book has all the steps for making all the items in the book, obviously :P)

  1. Fashion Design Drawing Course: Principles, Practice & Techniques: The Ultimate Guide for the Aspiring Fashion Artist by Caroline Tatham and Julian Seaman

Okay so at first glance this book doesn’t look like a fashion illustration book, in fact it looks pretty ugly due to the bad type facing on the front cover (who the hell thought that would look good?! Obviously not the authors…)

Anyway. On the inside it is a whole different matter. I really REALLY like this book. It covers all sorts of things to do with fashion illustration, finding inspiration, experimenting with media, laying out your mood boards and how to create a collection, and loads more! The book is actually based on the courses you can get on fashion illustration, so it’s really useful for people doing these courses.

Each section of the book has an Inspiration File, A Unit (the information) and a Showcase (an example of “successful interpretations of the brief”)

Each Unit has a project to do, which includes a brief statement of the task, the objectives, a summary of the aims and a self-critique section (just questions to ask yourself).

All in all, I really like using this to develop my illustration skills, and it by far my most favourite fashion illustration book, EVER.


  1. The Ugly Betty Book is really awesome. I won it from Pink-World, after commenting on the actual winner’s post, I said congrats and the publisher read my comment and thought it was really nice, so sent me one as well! I didn’t really watch Ugly Betty then, but I really love it now. I think it’s a really good TV book, so if you are a fan I recommend you get it, for the pure reading pleasure.
  2. I got this book because my Art and Design project was to do with African and tribal designs. The book is 99% images, and they really are beautiful.
  3. This is one of the first BIG books I ever got, from one of my grandparents, I think. It’s really amazing how much information there is in it. There are fashion illustrations in it from the Limited Edition barbie dolls, and they are really good, and the first illustrations I ever saw.

Now, I know this is extremely late, (Non Fiction Day was the 4th November) but I still think it would be nice to post this.



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