Manga Reading Challenge 2011

I completely love Japan, its culture is so rich and full of beautiful art. This is true for the art form Manga. It is pretty much a graphic novel/comic, but it is like a book with amazing drawings.

I have only ever read two mangas, I have read Fruits Basket up to volume 4, and volume 1 of Kashi Mashi, which is about a boy who gets squished by an alien space ship and the aliens make him a girl, and it includes a lesbian love triangle. A lot of mangas don’t take themselves too seriously, Kashi Mashi as an example, but they should, as the stories are usually full of romance, comedy and drama, but it doesn’t stop at just those genres ^_^

I just signed up for Nayu’s Manga Reading Challenge, over at Nayu’s Reading Corner, and I can’t wait to begin!

I am going to go for ONE manga a month. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford to buy enough manga for one a week, so I think one a month will do me just fine!

January: Fruits Basket Volume 5

February: Fruits Basket Volume 6

Bye for now!


3 responses to “Manga Reading Challenge 2011

  1. Thanks for joining in! One manga a month is more than fine 🙂 It’s pretty cool to see my logo on a different site!

    • No problem! I am really looking forward to trying out some of the manga you recommended me 🙂 Hehe, I like the pictures on the logo ^_^

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