Wasted by Nicola Morgan

Title: Wasted
Author: Nicola Morgan
Published: May 2010
Format: Finished paperback
Pages: 290
RRP: £6.99
Rating: 13+

Jack worships luck and decides his actions by the flip of a coin. No risk is too great if the coin demands it. Luck brings him Jess, a beautiful singer who will change his life. But Jack’s luck is running out, and soon the stakes are high. As chance and choice unravel, the risks of Jack’s game become terrifyingly clear. An evening of heady recklessness, and suddenly a life hangs in the balance, decided by the toss of a coin. In the end, it is the reader who must choose whether to spin that coin and determine: life or death.

This is such a beautifully written tale of the original boy meets girl story… but with a whole load of “what if’s” thrown in. But it IS more than that. Nicola Morgan creates such a great atmosphere in the novel, and it means you really relish and enjoy the book.

Near the beginning, when Jack meets Jess, he says to her: “there is no such thing as chance”.

Jack says:
“Here’s an example. This. Me hearing you sing. I didn’t know you existed but I needed you to. And  I walked past that door at the right time. Past a soundproofed room. Where the door wasn’t properly shut. Invisible things came together to make it happen. Natural, physical things. Not chance, but definitely luck for me.”

It is brilliantly executed so that, each page you turn, a decision with the coin is made. And when the decision with the coin turns to the reader, that is when it gets really exciting. Now, there are several times in the book when it happens, and I am sorry to say that when there are 2 different chapters to read depending on what you landed on, I read both chapters. I did this because I wanted to see what both choices were, not to ruin the experience.

However, it did not stop my enjoyment of the book, and I truly believe that this is unique. The characters are, I have to say, well developed, and they are actually genuinely realistic in the things they say, how they move, and their actions and behaviour.

The great concoction of great characters, interesting plot and gripping events means that I completely recommend this book!

Plot: 8/10
Very interesting, and developed plot.
Writing Quality: 9/10
Very very good writing quality
Originality: 8/10
So completely original in the concept of the book, maybe not so much boy meets girl.
Characters: 9/10
The characters were very well developed and were likeable.
Descriptions: 7/10
Good amount of descriptions.

41/50 = 82%


Thanks to UK Book Tours for this copy for me to read!


4 responses to “Wasted by Nicola Morgan

  1. great review!!! reminds me of the story of “the lady and the tiger” and some of the “choose your own adventure” books I read as a kid, but this sounds like a cool twist!!!

  2. Thanks so much for this great review.

    But I just want to make sure people realise that it’s NOT like a choose-your-own-adventure book. Not at all! Actually, the reader has no control at all until the end when you get to toss a coin, once, if you dare. So, Jean, those alternative chapters you mentioned – you were SUPPOSED to read both! 😉

    • Thank you, and you’re welcome 🙂

      Ahh, that does make more sense XD I had read on another review that they enjoyed the tossing coin several times and choosing a different pathway (I think it was a review on Amazon) and I thought to myself: “Oops.”

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