Guest Post/Blog Tour: Kari Lee Townsend


Shopping for a book is like shopping for clothes. You immediately bypass the ones that look hideous, and go for the ones that are really cool or totally adorable. So much goes into the making of a cover for a book. It has to be eye catching to make a potential buyer stop to take a second look. Then the design and colors must reflect the right tone as in mysterious for a mystery, romantic for a romance, adventurous for an action adventure, scary for a horror, etc. The last thing a reader wants to do is buy a book that looks suspenseful only to start reading it and find out it’s a romantic comedy, etc. Finally the title and tagline should make sense and hint at what the book’s about.

When I first saw the cover for FUSED, I was pleased. They had chosen a girl who was adorable, and the expression on her face looked like she was up to something, but you had to read on to find out what. I loved her homemade superhero costume because that is exactly what she has to do in the book. Only, originally the colors on her costume were red and yellow, so I asked if they could change them to pink and purple. They did, and I thought it worked out perfectly. I loved the blue and white lights glowing behind her because they look sort of like the aftermath of an explosion or something like after the meteor crashes to earth. I like the title The Samantha Granger Experiment because it makes you wonder just what kind of experiment is going on and makes you think of scientists and labs which is a big part of book one. And the name FUSED is perfect because that’s exactly what happens after Samantha touches the meteorite…she becomes fused to her cell phone.

What the average person doesn’t realize is that authors often don’t have any control over what their cover is going to be. I got lucky and was allowed to give my input on the colors, the title, and I even got to write the taglines. I thought it was both cool and mysterious to give the word, the definition, and then leave a hanging tag that made you want to turn the book over to try to understand what it meant. All in all I think I got lucky with the cover for both this series and my adult mystery series that comes out in August called TEMPEST IN THE TEA LEAVES: A Fortune Teller Mystery. So check out both my covers and let me know what you think. I love to hear from my readers. You can find out more about me and my books at


Thanks Kari!

Read my review of Fused here

You can find out more about Fused by going to Good Reads, and you can buy it on and the Book Depository

The next book in the series, Fearless, is being published in the US in June 2011.

Samantha Granger has finally come to terms with being different. The only way to keep her situation under control is to stay far away from Trevor Hamilton or risk bringing Digital Diva out of retirement. She gets her wish when the government gets involved. They’ve discovered Sam’s identity and threaten to expose her if she doesn’t cooperate. She’s whisked off to Washington DC to a special school for gifted students called IPR, where she discovers she’s not alone. Only, when a mole threatens their very existence, it’s up to Sam and her fellow Phenoteens to save themselves.


3 responses to “Guest Post/Blog Tour: Kari Lee Townsend

  1. Thanks Jean! This was fun 🙂

  2. That was really interesting! It’s great that you got to have a say in your cover Kari, and it is a gorgeous cover! It’s made me want to read it, for sure. 🙂

    Covers are definitely a massive part of a book, as are titles. I mean, when I look at buying books (particularly ones I haven’t heard chatter about on the blog-o-sphere, or older titles) it’s always the title that grabs me. Usually, you can tell straight away from a title if it’s a romance, comedy, contemporary, paranormal etc. and if it’s got a catchy title that automatically tells me what genre it is I’m far more likely to buy it.
    Covers also play a major role, and although if I don’t like the Australian cover I will more than likely order one with the US cover on it (presuming it’s nicer), good, clear covers always help. I love a good cover and sometime buy a book just because it might look nice on my shelf.

    Thank you for an awesome post, it was great to get this sort of insight into an author’s opinion of cover/title design and marketing.
    Thanks Jean and Kari!

    • I completely agree with you both, even though people say don’t judge a book by its cover, a lot of people still do, but it is important to look past a cover as well, and I agree with the title being important!

      It was great having you Kari, and thanks Sas for a wonderful comment as well 🙂

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