Bloggiesta 2011

I am taking part in Bloggiesta 2011 run by Natasha at  Maw Books. As this post will be long and updated a lot, I took a leaf out of Sas’ from Tea Mouse’s book, and decided to use a Read More function!

(Read More isn’t here, as it isn’t a stickied post any more :3)

I had heard about Bloggiesta the third time around, but I thought I was too late to actually start anything – however, it is taking part over the course of this weekend, a whole 72 hours of potential spiffying up your blog and fiestas!

Here is Pedro the mascot!

Plan.  Edit.  Develop.  Review.  Organize.

You can sign up for the Bloggiesta any time, even near the official end. Click Pedro to sign up.

The To-Do list of d00m

  • Look over my review policy and edit and organise
  • Make a Google spreadsheet to organise my books (review copies etc.) Need to add all my books to it now!
  • Get started on reading UK Book Tour books
  • Sign up for Goodreads and LibraryThing, get as much of my TBR pile loaded on to there
  • Update my About Me page
  • Design a logo, and add to side bar
  • Take another look at sidebar, remove things I don’t need
  • Think up a list of books for each of my challenges that I could read
  • Check email and make sure I have replied to all important emails.
  • Tidy up my link bar/menu
  • Write a review for “Raised by Wolves” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • Look for some privacy policies on other blogs and think about whether I should add one
  • Think up some planned ‘chat’ posts about books which I could pre plan and schedule for slow weeks.

This will be added to ….. !!


4 responses to “Bloggiesta 2011

  1. Go Jean go, you can do it!! I’m glad you get to try it out this year, especially since last time you came in too late to get anything done! 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll get heaps done this time though. Just remember: food is the key to success!! 😀 I need to buy some salsa!

  2. It really is rare to find qualified people within this issue, however you sound like you know what you are dealing with! Regards

  3. Hey Jean, I hope Bloggiesta went well for you!
    I’m not sure how updated your list is, but I hope that you’re happy with what you got to finish – plus you can always keep working on things afterwards, right! I didn’t even touch any of my reviews!

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