Sequins, Stars and Spotlights by Sophia Bennett

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Title: Sequins, Stars and Spotlights
Author: Sophia Bennett
Published: 7th February 2011
Format: Finished Paperback
Pages: 323
RRP: £6.99
Rating: 12/13+

Now in their last school year, best friends Nonie, Jenny, Edie and Crow are so close to beginning glittering careers. So why do their challenges suddenly seem overwhelming?
The girls have choices to make. Who will wait for fame and success? Who will emerge an outright star? Who will fall in love? And who will turn her back on all her dreams?

Sophia Bennett keeps the loveable tone of the past two books but adds a touch more real life to it – stress, essentially. This does not make the book less enjoyable though! I was close to tears several times during the book.

Now, I am a person who really loves the fashion industry, and would find it pretty cool to get a job in the industry, so this series has been a gem to me – so unrealistic to me (12 year old designer, 14 year old planning the fashion show?), but really enjoyable to read.

Bennett’s writing is fantastic, full of description and I can totally relate to exam stress, it makes it SO much more realistic with the added pressure in this book! Nevertheless, I love reading her books, I love love love the writing style and quality, and I love how she has developed the characters from young teens to young adults.

Nonie is just as sarcastic as she used to be, but she seems a lot more mature in some aspects. It took her a long time to realise that she should be focusing on school work, but hey, everyone has an element of procrastination in them.

Jenny, whom I thought was really shy/awkward in the first novel, in a good way – it was really contrasting to see a more reserved “star”, is now a fully fledged Hollywood star, with the drama to match. Cliche? Not so. She is full of secrets too, and it was really interesting to find out more about her family life.

Edie… wow. After book two I thought she couldn’t get more generous, but she outdid herself. I am facinated by her perfectionism, and was shocked by some of her actions in this book…. SO fun to read – like I said, I was close to tears!

Ultimately, the characters have grown up, and matured a little. They are more developed than in the first book, and it’s really nice to have read all three and seen them essentially “grow up”.

Now, I couldn’t write this review without mentioning Crow! Aww she is so grown up, and when I found out she was 15 in this book, I was both happy and sad at the same time! I couldn’t believe she was such a grown up girl already :’) She definitely was developed well to show her growth. She had definitely changed in the aspect of attitude, and action. It was very realistic in the way.

Overall, for fans of the series, this is an absolute must read. For people who aren’t fans of the series, this is an absolute must read. For people who have not read the series, or not heard of it, I thoroughly recommend! You may expect a happy ending, but don’t go counting your eggs if you don’t have chickens!

*cluck cluck*

Plot: 9/10
Full to the brim with a captivating plot, interesting side plots and loads of events happening!
Writing Quality: 9/10
Fantastic writing quality
Originality: 10/10
I sure haven’t heard of another British series about realistically written about (is that a phrase?) teens involved with a  teen Ugandan designer?
Characters: 9/10
I love the characters to PIECES!
Descriptions: 9/10
Lovely descriptions, made it really fantastic to read!

46/50 = 92%


Thank you to Sophia for providing this copy for me to enjoy!


4 responses to “Sequins, Stars and Spotlights by Sophia Bennett

  1. Great review – I will take your recommendation seriously and probably check out this series really soon! 🙂 Usually I don’t mind reading something that seems a tad unrealistic, so I don’t think that would bother me much. I generally leave all expectations at the door and let whatever happens in the book, happen. 🙂

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  3. This sounds really cool, and so unique! And of course, right up your alley Jean!
    Fantastic review. 🙂

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