WordPress vs Blogger

This is my first discussion post. I thought it was about time that I ventured into new territory, and what’s best than to start some debate posts!

The first topic will be the most popular talked about in the book blogosphere.

Which is better, WordPress or Blogger?

There are many reasons why every blogger chooses either one, and I hope to try to post as many of these reasons, pros and cons of each, in this post!

First of all, Blogger is ridiculously simple to use. It’s perfect for people who are first timers to blogging, and even the internet.

It’s also the “hub”, the most popular. This is good because it means if you want to network, the majority of other book bloggers are on Blogger.

One of the reasons why I miss Blogger is that you can use Google Friend Connect. It’s a simple way to see how many followers (readers) you have, and is a status symbol to show how popular your blog is. WordPress does not have a widget like this, or even Google Friend Connect, so book bloggers who use WordPress are not able to connect as easily as other bloggers who use Blogger. However, WordPress.org users can install a Google Friend Connect plugin, only the free users of WordPress.com can’t.

Personally, I think WordPress is more aesthetically pleasing than Blogger. When I was first trying out both, I felt Blogger was not as nice to look at.

However, Blogger wins when it comes down to free customization. You can actually edit your CSS without paying, so for bloggers who are new, or without experience in that field, it isn’t too hard to make your blog unique.

It might not be used a lot for book blogs, but the different users available for team blogs is really good in WordPress. From the most powerful to least, there is Administrator (control over everything), Editor (edit and accept/reject all posts), Author (write and edit own posts) and Contributor (write posts, must wait for approval to get published). In Blogger, there is only the options of Administrator and Non-Administrator.

Stats on WordPress are limited to referred links, most popular posts, searches (which lead yo your blog) and links on your blog that were clicked on the specific day. Blogger stats shows a lot more information, so is more useful, overall.

I’ve never tried other blogging platforms, like LiveJournal and TypePad, if someone uses that, tell us why you chose it over the other, more prominent ones!

Please comment on this post with your opinions, I’d love to hear them! 🙂

Which do you prefer, WordPress or Blogger? Why (not)? Have you tried both of them?

Let me know if you have an idea for the next discussion post!


2 responses to “WordPress vs Blogger

  1. I’ve been umming and aaahing over this recently. I’m currently using blogger, and I floated around WordPress for a while but I didn’t like it, for the same reasons you gave.

    My Blogger is looking a little sad right now – but I just need to find someone with the expertise to help me set it up and make it beautiful!

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