Life took hold and shook me… half a dozen times


Yes, yes, yes… I am EVER so sorry! I have a back log as long as my arm quadrupled and I have not been reading very much. It’s all down to my spectacular social life. Pah! School has been an absolute nightmare at times and prelims have caused me to neglect reading and reviewing.

I am sorry to people who enjoyed reading my blog but I will make sure to catch up over Christmas and strive to keep it up over the course of my exams (when I have a *lot* of free time!)

I am in it for the long haul, and I was beginning to get annoyed of my Dad saying “Anything new on Magic Bean Review?” in a mocking tone.

If this happens again, call him.

Thanks for sticking by me!

PS I had an amazing work experience with BBC Scotland and overall school has actually been pretty fun, but the homework is the opposite!


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