About Me

What about this girl, then?

My name is Jean, and I have lived in Scotland my whole life. I am a 17 year old girl who tries to not be like any other 17 year old girl.

I am passionate about art, crafts and all things creative. I love to design and create and at the moment my dream job would be a self-employed fashion designer – but that is a pretty far fetched dream!

My ultimate love of all time, has to be Japan. I am completely obsessed with anything Japanese. Kawaii things, the culture, the designs…. everything! I just can’t get enough of it. Well, I don’t have very much. Let’s just say, Scotland is sparse of kawaii.

I have several shelves of books, and I’ve read most of them a couple of times. I like writing, drawing and all sorts of different things.

Likes Reading, drawing, dressmaking/sewing, my Moleskine, manga, kawaii japanese things, netball, Girl Guiding and skin care!
Dislikes Annoying people (I do annoy people, but people who themselves are annoying are a dislike of mine!), EXAMS… the usual!